Doldrum is a rhythm action game developed for the HTC Vive.  The player uses the HTC Vive's motion controls to strike a virtual xylophone in beat to the music.  The game features the traditional rhythm game "call and response" gameplay with the addition of a boss fight to increase the amount of decision making required by the player.

The game was developed over the course of an academic year as my team's Major Qualifying Project -- our Senior Capstone. 


Doldrum is on

    Responsibilities included:

    • Team lead
    • Lead gameplay design
    • Sound design, creation, & implementation
    • Music composition


    Team Members:

    • David Allen
    • Kent Fong
    • Laurie Mazza
    • Matt Szpunar
    • Henry Wheeler-Mackta
    • Kelly Zhang 

    MusiC from Doldrum