Drenched is a mobility-action game with a focus on player creativity.  The player controls a fast character with a simple moveset: running, jumping, attacking, dodging. The player can also link together multiple actions in order to intuitively perform new actions. 

In its current state, Drenched is a simple arena-based fighter where the player attempts to last as long as possible. This simplified form allows us to focus on the player character's moveset and game-feel. However, we hope to continue development and include rogue-like and platforming features.


Drenched is on itch.io.

    Responsibilities included:

    • Team lead
    • Lead gameplay design
    • Sound design, creation, & implementation
    • Music composition


    Team Members:

    • David Allen
    • Laurie Mazza
    • Bailey Sostek
    • Henry Wheeler-Mackta

    MusiC from Drenched