Inverteb is a 3D Platformer / Runner created for LudumDare39.  The player jumps between a series of platforms.  As there is no double jump or ledge-grabbing, the player must precisely line up their jump, and take it. 

As they are platforming, their force is draining while deadly red fluid rises.  By shifting between dimensions, the player will gain speed, stop time, and discover new paths.

The game was made over the course of 72 hours and received very positive feedback with my sound design placing at 15th out of 2355 games.


Inverteb is on

    Responsibilities included:

    • Sound design, creation, & implementation
    • Music composition
    • Gameplay design


    Team Members:

    • David Allen
    • Bailey Sostek
    • Connor Thornberg
    • Henry Wheeler-Mackta

    MusiC from Inverteb