Lockhack is a simple puzzle game made in the minimalist game engine 'Perlenspiel'.  The game was made for a class over the course of two weeks.

The player has acquired the World President's cell phone and must hack past his lockscreen.  At each level, the player is presented with screen which mimics an Android Lockscreen.  A few "pegs" will flash yellow, indicating they are in the correct pattern.  The player will then attempt a combination.  If it is incorrect, the individual pegs will flash red if they are not in the pattern, yellow if they are in the pattern, and green if they are in the pattern and the correct number in the sequence. 

Through trial-and-error,  and deductive reasoning, the player will figure out patterns in increasingly difficult levels.



    While Lockhack features completely original sound effects, the music is "Accelerated" by Miami Nights 1984. [Soundcloud]

    Responsibilities included:

    • Sound design, creation, & implementation
    • Gameplay Design
    • Procedural Level Generation

    Team Members:

    • David Allen
    • Henry Wheeler-Mackta