Mino / Mono

mino / mono is a simple browser game made in the minimalist game engine 'Perlenspiel'.  The game was made for a class over the course of two weeks. 

In mino / mono, the player clicks and drags on a squares on a grid, in order of lightest to darkest.  However, the contrast between squares gradually decreases, eventually moving towards the same (127,127,127) gray.  This "soft timer" encourages players to quickly complete levels without the frustration of a hard deadline. 

The game features hand-made levels of increasing difficulty and finishes with a procedurally generated marathon.  Under the hood, the game features a randomization of level order and adaptive difficulty to prevent frustration.




    The game features multiple sound effects and songs from Silent Hill 2.

    Responsibilities included:

    • Gameplay design
    • Sound design & implementation
    • Gameplay Programming


    Team Members:

    • David Allen
    • Henry Wheeler-Mackta