Nightsocks is a local multiplayer last-man-standing party game.  It was developed in 48 hours for WPI's 2018 Cutthroat Game Jam.

The game is played in a top-down perspective where 2 to 4 players freely run around in.  By holding the left trigger, they can extend their sock puppet's tongue to punch players, knocking them back.  Or, they can use the right trigger to charge and shoot a One-Hit KO moonbeam.

However, the real fun begins when players combine these two moves: by holding the tongue button, the player can then shoot from the tip of their extended tongue.  As both the tongue and the beam can be shot in any direction, the game becomes about setting up trick shots to knock out your friends, while dodging their shots. 



    Responsibilities included:

    • Team lead
    • Lead gameplay design
    • Sound design, creation, & implementation
    • Music composition


    Team Members:

    • David Allen
    • Peter Griffiths
    • David Swenarton
    • Henry Wheeler-Mackta

    MusiC from NIGHTSOCK